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The Heads of Government and their representatives posing for the Official Photograph at The Opening Ceremony of The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), in Nelum Pokuna, Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre, Colombo, on Friday, Nov. 15, 2013.



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Prof. Peiris hails Government – University Collaboration for Economic Development


The initiative by the Faculty of Management and Finance of the University of Colombo is an exemplary response by the tertiary education system to current needs and priorities in the country, Professor G.L. Peiris, Minister of External Affairs, declared in his address at the inaugural ceremony of the Master of Business Administration (International Business) degree programme, held at the BMICH yesterday (21st April 2014).
Professor Peiris, a former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Colombo, was the Chief Guest at the event.
Minister Peiris commended Professor H.D. Karunaratne, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Finance, on the strikingly innovative and practical nature of the academic programmes launched by the Faculty.  He noted that the MBA programme of the University of Colombo is one of the oldest Master of Business Administration programmes not only in Sri Lanka but in the South Asian region and that, during the last two decades, it had produced a significant number of professional managers who work with distinction in different parts of the world.
The Minister made particular reference to a feature of the programme which considerably enhances its quality and appeal.  This is the constant endeavour by the Faculty to revamp the structure and content of the course to take account of contemporary demands.  While specialization is already possible in fields such as finance, human resource management and marketing, the course being inaugurated today offers scope for specialization in international business — without doubt, a priority at the present time.
Prof. Peiris said that the government greatly appreciates this initiative by the University of Colombo.  Responding to remarks made on this occasion by Dr. W.K. Hirimburegama, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Colombo, the Minister expressed satisfaction that the University is doing its utmost to make use of its geographical location in the capital city to draw upon the expertise of the commercial sector, in partnership with the academic community, and to offer the wider public the opportunity to benefit from a range of timely programmes which are especially appropriate in the business friendly environment brought about by peace and stability in the country.
He made mention of the government’s focus on the development of infrastructure on a scale without parallel at any other time, and especially the emphasis on highways, ports and airports.  The underlying objective, he explained, is to strengthen Sri Lanka’s connectivity with the world.  The country’s economic planning, he observed, hinges on identification of our human resources — and the creativity and energy of our youth — as the nation’s abiding strength.  The current challenge is to further enhance this reservoir of human talent by new programmes of training which respond imaginatively to modern demands and open up new vistas of opportunity for those who have been exposed to these programmes.
Prof. Peiris laid stress on the five hub concept of the government, and the new avenues opening up in such areas as shipping and aviation, knowledge based industry, and the energy sector.  He also referred to increased access to foreign markets made possible by the Free Trade Agreement with India and the ongoing negotiations with the People’s Republic of China for concluding an FTA, as an element of the Strategic Co-operation Partnership agreed upon between the leadership of the two countries.  The introduction of technology as a stream, alternative to the traditional streams of liberal arts and science, is also a useful practical step to increase the relevance of educational curricula, he pointed out.
While equity with regard to the availability of educational facilities throughout the country has made a crucial difference, as indicated by the results of public examinations in the recent past, the government’s resolve is to give our youth access to growing opportunities not only within the country but on a regional and indeed global scale. Towards this end, a fruitful partnership between government and the universities is of the greatest importance, Prof. Peiris said.  
Ministry of External Affairs
22nd April 2014




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Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Secretary, Ministry of Defence & Urban Development, visited Malaysia from 15th to 17th April 2014 at the invitation of Dato Seri Hishammuddin bin Hussein, Minister of Defence of Malaysia, as a guest speaker at the Putrajaya Forum held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Defence...

HIH Princess Hitachi and MME. Abe Visit Sri Lankan Stall in Tokyo

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Japan participated in a Charity Bazar organized by the Asia-Pacific Ladies Friendship Society [ALFS] in Japan on the second week of  April 2014. The ALFS consists of over 25 Asian countries and is primarily engaged in charitable and in philanthropic endeavors. The Seva...

Sinhala and Tamil New Year Celebrations in Tokyo

The Embassy of Sri Lanka together with the Sri Lankan Associations and Sri Lankan Community living in Japan organised the Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival on Sunday 13th April in Tokyo. A large gathering of over 5000 Sri Lankan and Japanese community members from all parts of Japan participated in...


The High Commission of Sri Lanka participated in the inaugural Malaysia International Tea & Coffee Expo 2014 (MITCE 2014) which was held in Kuala Lumpur from 27 to 31 March. The Fair was a unique tea and coffee promotional event in Malaysia, co- organised by the Tea Trade Association of Malaysia,...

Ambassador Admiral Karannagoda welcomes National Youth Council delegation to Tokyo

The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Japan, Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda, received a four member National Youth Council delegation from Sri Lanka on 5th April at the Embassy. The delegation is currently visiting Japan during their 40 day tour of 18 countries in order to promote the World Conference on Youth...


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Bombers To Martyrs

Bombers To Martyrs

Sunday 20th April 2014 By Camelia Nathaniel Father Emmanuel, a key supporter of the LTTE Terrorism cannot be sustained without an above ground and underground support infrastructure. One of the world’s most notorious terrorist groups, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) sustained itself because of the support it received and the bystanders that watched the spread of hatred and the conduct of violence. Father Sleemanpillai Joseph Emmanuel, a key supporter of the LTTE and an admirer of its leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, embraced the mantle of leadership after his death. One of the four LTTE front groups designated under the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR)...


The Defeat Of Gobi’s Master Plan

The Defeat Of Gobi’s Master Plan

Sunday 20th April 2014 By Camelia Nathaniel This land was bought by the LTTE to build a safe house, Selvanayagam Kajeepan alias Gopi, Navaratnam Navaneethan alias Appan and Thaveyan Although the LTTE was defeated almost five years ago, the rump of the LTTE has yet not given up their aim of dividing the country. This was evident by the recent incidents that took place in the North involving several terrorists both from here and abroad. According to intelligence sources, had these terrorists been successful in their attempt, the country could have plunged back into chaos. Thanks to the efforts of the Terrorist Investigations Department (TID) and the military, their sinister plans were...


UK should be declared a ‘COUNTRY of CONCERN’, not Sri Lanka

 UK should be declared a ‘COUNTRY of CONCERN’, not Sri Lanka

Saturday 19th April 2014. Shenali D. Waduge Firefighters douse a shop and flats destroyed by arson during the initial rioting in Tottenham, London in 2011. Looting spree during 2011 UK Riots UK's GCHQ security agency When the country that had been occupying Sri Lanka, plundering its wealth and advocating policies to exterminate the majority populace and dividing the people continues to harp on inquiries against Sri Lanka and now declares a travel advisory against Sri Lanka, we need to next question exactly how safe Britain is. Having being declared the most violent country in Europe, with crime statistics worse than South Africa or the US, the UK can hardly afford to be...


Canada's Hypocrisy on Human Rights and Commonwealth funding

Canada's Hypocrisy on Human Rights and Commonwealth funding

Saturday 19th April 2014 First Nations call for UN action on genocide The Canadian Government that has still to be humane and recognize the rights of its indigenous people, the First Nations and other aboriginals, is throwing its weight on Sri Lanka, over alleged Human Rights issues here. Taking a cue from the UNHRC vote in Geneva against Sri Lanka, Canada this week announced the stopping of its contribution to the Commonwealth as long as Sri Lanka holds the Chair-in-Office of this international organization. The Canadian Government of Stephen Harper made it clear that its ears were tuned to the pro-LTTE Tamil groups in Canada, which has the largest number...


An Abortive attempt to revive the LTTE

An Abortive attempt to revive the LTTE

  Saturday, 19th April 2014 The traditional April new year named ‘Jaya’ or Victory dawned on a positive note this year for Sri Lanka. A massive security operation launched by the Sri Lankan armed forces had resulted in the deaths of three persons in the jungles of Vedivaithakallu Oothukkulam, Bogaswewa in the North. Paradoxical as it may appear the ‘bad’ news of the deaths was in another sense, ‘good’ news for the country at large - the Tamil people in particular. The news was perceived in a positive light because the dead trio (aided by tiger elements in the Diaspora) had been engaged in the task of reviving the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)...


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